PVC – Polyvinylchlorid - according DIN 4102 B1

PVC belongs to the large group of thermoplastics. Processed without plasticizer it is referred to as rigid PVC.

Rigid PVC consist of 43 percent hydrocarbons and 57 percent chlorine. Its high chlorine content makes it flame retardant. Depending on the aggregate PVC has a density of 1.38 – 1.7. The elastic modulus lies between 26000 and 32000.

Rigid PVC is an excellent material for tubes and profiles in the temperature range from -40 to +70 ° celsius.

The colors range from clear to opaque. The machinability is very good. Varnishings with acrylic paints are also very durable and weather resistant.

Like most thermoplastics, rigid PVC can be processed several times without significant loss in quality. It therefore has an excellent recycling rate. We process about 100 tons of recycled material per month. For heavy and large profiles especially there is a significant price advantage compared to virgin material.

By adding suitable plasticizer, PVC can be used to manufacture products such as infusion tubes or cable sheathings. It is then called soft PVC.