Recycling with quality assurance

We have been engaged in intelligent recycling of used thermoplastics for decades. ??

Recycling means processing of scrap parts, dismantled parts and starting waste, i.e. of thermoplastics that have already been processed or used. Using this process, giving the plastics new and maybe even better properties by using additives - that's what wie call intelligent recycling. And our company - Karl Peter Kunststoffe GmbH - has been meeting this challenge time and again.

Over the last years, the public has become more and more aware of the chances and importance of plastic recycling. We are proud to say, that we have been successfully working in this sector for many years, especially in the processing of production waste from window profile manufacturing and special profile extrusion.

As our whole product range, recycling is operated under the strict requirements of quality assurance. Therefore quality certificates can be made out for the products if requested.